Thu. Jul 11th, 2024
Ramazan Sasta BazarRamazan Sasta Bazar

Last Updated on: 28th March 2024, 06:32 pm

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Essential Utility Items From The Ramazan Sasta Bazar: The Government of Pakistan has established cheap Ramadan bazaars across the country to ease the financial burden on citizens during Ramadan due to increased prices of essential goods. These bazaars offer subsidized rates, with discounts of up to 25% compared to regular market prices. Mrs. Maryam Nawaz Sharif has personally inspected rate lists at these bazaars, which operate from dawn until seven in the evening, providing people with the opportunity to purchase essential items at lower costs.

Rate List Of Items From The Ramazan Sasta Bazar:

The Punjab government has enforced fixed prices for goods sold at the Ramazan Bazaar to ensure affordability for all. Shopkeepers must adhere to a provided rate list, with legal actions promised against any violations. The updated rate list includes significant reductions in prices compared to general market rates for items like onions, tomatoes, garlic, bananas, sugar, and flour. These measures aim to promote fair pricing and accessibility of essential items during Ramadan.

General Market Price Ramzan Bazar Price
پیاز 300 per kg پیاز 150 per kg
ٹماٹر 220 Per kg ٹماٹر 105 Per kg
لہسن 290 per kg لہسن 210 Per kg
کیلے 300 dozen کیلے 150 dozen
شکر 150 per kg شکر 140 Per kg
آٹا 1399 per 10 kg آٹا 1360 Per 10 kg

Ramzan Nigahban Program 2024:

Ms. Maryam Nawaz Sharif has introduced the Nighaban Ramadan Package, alongside organizing affordable Ramadan bazaars, to assist deserving families. The package has reached over 6.4 million families, with distribution facilitated through accessible centers where eligibility is verified via ID cards. These initiatives aim to alleviate the impact of inflation, especially on middle-class families, by providing accessible assistance across various communities.

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Get Essential Utility Items From The Ramazan Sasta Bazar

Distribution of Essential And Quality Items:

The Punjab government, under the leadership of Ms. Maryam Nawaz Sharif, emphasizes quality assurance in its initiatives such as the Nigehban Ramadan package and affordable Ramadan bazaars. Stringent measures are in place to monitor product quality and distribution, with Ms. Sharif overseeing efforts to maintain standards of both quality and pricing. She has instructed the Food Minister to uphold rigorous standards and eliminate substandard items, reaffirming the commitment to delivering high-quality goods to the public.

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