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Nigehban Ramadan Phase 2 StartsNigehban Ramadan Phase 2 Starts

Last Updated on: 29th March 2024, 08:35 am

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Nigehban Ramadan Phase 2 Starts Registration Method: The Negahban Program in Punjab has introduced a new aspect to its door-to-door initiative. Originally providing a bag of ration, it now offers a second bag for those who have already received assistance from the program.

Nigehban Ramadan Phase 2 Starts:

Eligible individuals can now receive Rashan from more stages of the program, with the Nigehban Ramadan program team visiting neighborhoods to facilitate distribution. For complete details, refer to the full blog post.

Receive Another Ration Bag Through the New Registration Method:

Now, under phase 2 of the Nigehban Ramadan, registration has been reopened, allowing previously ineligible individuals to secure another bag of Rashan. Initially aiming to distribute three bags of flour per household, only one bag was provided. Now, those who have already received the first bag can obtain the second through the program. Eligible individuals can register at their BISP tehsil office by providing their identity card number, ensuring prompt receipt of both bags of Rashan.

Nigehban Ramadan Eligibility Criteria:

The Negahban program excludes individuals with a poverty score over 30. Applicants can verify their score on the website. To be eligible, the poverty score must be below 30. The program targets supporting the poor people, so Rashan won’t be provided to those deemed not in need. Additionally, individuals with criminal charges or convictions are ineligible.

Receive Another Ration Bag Through the New Registration Method

Documents Required for Nigehban Ramadan Package:

To register for the Nigehban Ramadan Program, you’ll need proof of Pakistani residency, your National Identity Card, Family Registration Certificate (FRC), information on the number of family members, monthly income certificates of earning household members, and household utility bills (electricity, gas, etc.).

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Final Thoughts:

Phase 2 of the Nigehban Ramadan has started, distributing the second bag of Rashan to those in need. If your neighborhood hasn’t been visited yet, you can collect the second bag from the office. Updates and solutions to issues can be found on the program’s website. Guidance on receiving the third bag of flour and requalification for the program will also be provided.

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