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Authenticity of BISP Nigehban RashanAuthenticity of BISP Nigehban Rashan

Last Updated on: 3rd May 2024, 09:08 pm

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Delve into the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) Nigehban Rashan Program. While you might be familiar with the Nigehban card, Himat card, or various assistance programs from Baitul Mal, you may still seek clarity on this new initiative. If you’re curious about registration procedures or eligibility criteria, continue reading for insights.

Nigehban Rashan Program

Understanding the 5000 Nigehban Rashan Program

You are presented with the 5000 Nigehban Rashan Program, which aims to offer free rations worth up to five thousand rupees to 64 lakh families across the Punjab province.

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Authenticity of the BISP Nigehban Rashan Program

Reports indicate a lack of official confirmation from the government regarding the 5000 Nigehban Rashan Program. Beware of circulating messages on social media or WhatsApp groups claiming to facilitate registration for this program as they are likely fraudulent. Clicking on such links could result in significant losses.

Eligibility for the Nigehban Card Program

The Nigehban card program, also referred to as the Himat card, allegedly spearheaded by Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz, targets specific individuals for inclusion. These selected individuals are purportedly entitled to assistance of up to 12 thousand rupees.

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Apply Online for the Nigehban Rashan Program

To enroll in the Nigehban card program, you must possess a disability certificate. The registration process can be initiated through the Baitul Mal app.

Understanding the Nigehban Rashan Program

The Nigehban Rashan Program purportedly offers free rations of up to 5 thousand rupees to 64 lakh families in the Punjab province.

Last Words

It is imperative to validate the authenticity of any government assistance program before disclosing personal information or engaging with associated links. As of now, official confirmation from the government regarding the 5000 Nigehban Rashan Program is unavailable. Exercise caution and steer clear of potential fraudulent schemes.

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