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Guide How to Apply and Verify Ehsaas Program Guide How to Apply and Verify Ehsaas Program

Last Updated on: 3rd June 2024, 01:20 pm

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The Government of Pakistan 8171 has launched a new initiative that provides Rs 10,500 through the Ehsaas program. This guide explains how to register through SMS and verify eligibility. By following the simple steps outlined below, you can join the program and enjoy its benefits.

 Guide How to Apply and Verify Ehsaas Program

Enrollment Procedure for Ehsaas:

Step 1: Verify Eligibility

Before registering, check if you meet the eligibility criteria. Your monthly income must be Rs 50,000 or less and your poverty score must be below 25%. Only people who meet these criteria are eligible to participate.

Step 2: Collect the Application Form

If you are eligible, visit the Ehsaas program office to collect an application form. Fill the form carefully with your personal details.

Step 3: Submit the Application Form

Send the completed application form to the Ehsaas program office. After submission and verification, you will be enrolled in the program.

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Ehsaas Verification Through SMS:

Step 1: NSER Survey

Make sure you have completed the NSER survey before starting the SMS verification. This survey is crucial to confirm your eligibility.

Step 2: Send SMS

On your mobile phone, open the message box and write a new message. Send your National Identity Card (CNIC) number to 8171, the official code of the Ehsaas program. There should be no additional information included.

Step 3: Verification

After sending the SMS, your verification will be done automatically. Once the verification is complete, you will receive a confirmation message.

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Last Words

If you follow the registration procedure and SMS verification process, you will be eligible to join the Ehsaas program and receive financial assistance of Rs. 10,500. Please ensure that the eligibility criteria are met and that accurate information is provided during registration. In case of any questions or concerns, consult this guide.

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