Thu. Jul 11th, 2024
CM Punjab Announced 30000 Jobs Through Teacher Scheme 2024CM Punjab Announced 30000 Jobs Through Teacher Scheme 2024

Last Updated on: 25th March 2024, 01:45 am

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Chief Minister of Punjab, Maryam Nawaz Sharif, has announced a proactive initiative to combat the shortage of teaching staff in the province. The announcement of the plan includes the recruitment of 30,000 visiting teachers in the initial phase, signaling the government’s commitment to bridging the gap and elevating educational standards.

What Do You Mean By Maryam Nawaz CM Teacher Scheme 2024:

The School Education Department (SED) in Punjab has been grappling with a significant challenge, facing a shortage of 115,000 teachers. This scarcity has persisted since the last substantial recruitment effort in 2018 under the PML-N government’s tenure.

Efforts by Previous Governments:

Past administrations, including the PML-N and PTI governments, have attempted to address the shortage through various initiatives. In 2018, the PML-N conducted a major recruitment drive for teachers, though only partially addressing the shortfall. The PTI government introduced programs such as the College Teaching Interns (CTIs) to tackle vacancies in colleges.

Objective of Punjab CM Teacher Scheme:

The CM Punjab Teacher Scheme seeks to alleviate the shortage by recruiting 30,000 visiting teachers for schools across the province.

Method to pay for Visiting Faculty Teachers:

The salaries of visiting teachers will be covered through additional funds allocated to school councils. These councils will also raise funds for other educational expenses.

What’s the Role of Councils in School:

Under the proposed scheme, school councils will assume a vital role in managing funds for visiting teachers’ salaries and other educational needs. This decentralization aims to empower local communities and ensure efficient resource utilization.

Maryam Nawaz CM Teacher Scheme

30000 Permanent Jobs for Teachers:

Rana Liaqat, General Secretary of the Punjab Teachers Union (PTU), stresses the importance of permanent recruitment to address the persistent issue of teacher shortages. Concerns are raised regarding potential challenges associated with hiring visiting teachers.

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Final Thoughts:

The CM Punjab Teacher Scheme marks a significant step towards addressing the critical shortage of teaching staff in the province. By adopting a visiting teacher model and empowering school councils, the government aims to guarantee quality education for all students while creating employment opportunities for thousands of individuals.

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