Tue. May 21st, 2024
ISB Announces Free Transport Service for FemaleISB Announces Free Transport Service for Female

Last Updated on: 8th May 2024, 07:38 pm

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Addressing the pressing transportation challenges encountered by female students and teachers in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Schools, the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training has announced a pioneering initiative aimed at streamlining their commute.

ISB Free Transport Service

Overview of the ISB Free Transport Service

In a bid to alleviate transportation hurdles for female students and teachers, the Ministry has embarked on a plan to introduce 20 new buses, in collaboration with the district administration.

Free Transportation Services

Distinctive pink-colored buses will be allocated to facilitate the free transportation of female students and teachers from both public and private educational institutions across the urban and rural landscapes of the federal capital.

Objective Behind the Initiative

The primary objective of this initiative is to curtail the dropout rates among girls, which often stem from insufficient transportation facilities.

Current Transportation Status

An internal audit has brought to light that thirty percent of the total 385 buses serving federal educational institutions are presently non-operational. This setback is predominantly attributed to budgetary constraints, a shortage of drivers, and delays in maintenance.

Service Expansion

Initially, the buses will be exclusively dedicated to serving female students and teachers. However, there are plans to extend this service to other women, provided there is available space, in the future.


By June 15, all 20 buses will be operational, ready to cater to the transportation needs of female students and teachers.

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Eligibility and Cost

Female students and teachers of public and private educational institutions within Islamabad Capital Territory will have access to these buses at no charge.

Commencement of Operations

These buses are scheduled to commence operations by June 15.

Last Words

The introduction of complimentary transportation services for female students and teachers marks a laudable effort by the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training. This initiative not only enhances educational accessibility for girls but also fosters their retention in schools. It is anticipated that this scheme will yield a positive impact on female education in Islamabad.

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