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How To Check Utility Store SubsidyHow To Check Utility Store Subsidy

Last Updated on: 2nd April 2024, 02:10 am

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How To Check Utility Store Subsidy Online: The Punjab government has implemented initiatives to support marginalized communities in the province, including the 5566 Rashan Program Utility Store, which aims to assist those facing hardships due to inflation.

Here’s How to Check Utility Store Subsidy Online:

The government of  Punjab’s 5566 Rashan Program offers significant financial benefits to beneficiaries by providing up to a 40% discount on essential food items through registered grocery or utility stores.

5566 Utility Store registration online:

The 5566 Utility Store Rashan Program Utility now offers simplified online registration for interested individuals. To enroll, visit their official website, click on the registration button, and fill out the form with necessary information like name, ID card number, and phone number. After completing the process, you’ll receive a unique code to present at any utility store for discounted food items.

Eligibility Criteria for 5566 Utility Store Rashan Program:

The eligibility criteria for the 5566 Rashan Program Utility Store are designed to be inclusive, targeting those in need. Eligible individuals include those with a monthly income below sixty-five thousand, non-travelers abroad, and those living below the poverty line. However, individuals owning valuable properties, agricultural land, or registered vehicles are ineligible. Punjab residents with a valid national identity card can participate.

Check eligibility for the Utility Store Subsidy:

The process to check eligibility for a 5566 rashan program offered by the Utility Store Corporation is simple, and easy and can be completed online via their official website or through a keypad mobile by sending a message to the program’s helpline number, 5566, with your National Identity Card number.

Check eligibility for the Utility Store Subsidy

Main Features of the 5566 Utility Store Rashan Subsidy:

The 5566 Rashan Program Utility Store is a government initiative in Punjab aimed at assisting poor families and addressing inflation. It offers discounted food items to alleviate financial pressure, ensure essential goods are accessible at lower prices, provide relief to those facing economic difficulties, and empower impoverished individuals economically. The program seeks to uplift disadvantaged communities and enhance overall economic stability.

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