Wed. May 22nd, 2024
BISP to Open 1 Crore New AccountsBISP to Open 1 Crore New Accounts

Last Updated on: 1st May 2024, 03:17 pm

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You rely on the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) as a crucial lifeline within Pakistan’s social welfare system, providing essential financial assistance to those in dire need. Now, exciting developments are unfolding, as the government of Pakistan is taking significant steps to widen the reach of this program, ensuring even more individuals like yourself receive the support they require.

Opening New BISP Accounts

Spreading BISP Program to Poor Families

Who Benefits: You are among the individuals targeted for support through the BISP expansion. This effort aims to assist both existing beneficiaries of the program and those enrolled in the 8171 program.

Coordination and Implementation: Government officials are actively working to coordinate meetings, ensuring the smooth execution of these expansion efforts.

Agreement Details: Under the new agreement, one crore new accounts will be established, specifically designed to benefit women like yourself across Pakistan.

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Details on Opening New BISP Accounts

Account Expansion: A total of one crore new accounts, tailored to your needs, are set to be inaugurated.

Branch Access: These accounts will be accessible across 70,000 branches scattered throughout Pakistan.

Bank Collaborations: Six major banks are coming together to support this initiative, making it easier for you to access the assistance you deserve.

Objectives of New Benazir Kafaalat Accounts

Targeted Assistance: The new accounts are meant for women who, like yourself, have yet to register with the Beneficial Dynamic Registry for Benazir Kafaalat.

Financial Inclusion: The primary goal is to ensure that even the most marginalized members of society, including yourself, are financially integrated and supported.

Addressing Past Challenges: This expansion is crucial, especially considering past instances where beneficiaries like yourself were excluded due to unregistered accounts.

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BISP Payment Updates

Card Reactivation: If you’ve experienced a block on your card, rest assured that access to your funds will be restored.

Payment Schedule: BISP payments will continue to be processed from Monday to Saturday, ensuring timely assistance for you and others.

Mobile Number Updates: If you’re a female beneficiary in Punjab, you have the option to update your mobile number through the Bank of Punjab, ensuring you stay connected and informed.

May Payment Timeline: Anticipate receiving your 10500 rupees payment for May during the initial week of the month, providing you with the support you need when you need it.

Payment Delay: There has been a slight delay, with payments now expected to be disbursed in the first week of July. Rest assured, however, that assistance is on the way.

Identifying Beneficiaries and Payment Schedule

Expansion Scope: The expansion aims to include individuals like yourself within the Nadra community, covering current BISP beneficiaries and those under the 8171 program.

New Account Opportunities: With the creation of one crore new accounts, you and others will have increased access to essential support.

Expected May Payment: Look forward to your 10500 rupees payment for May during the first week of the month, ensuring you have the assistance you need to thrive.

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Last Words

Your Path to Financial Inclusivity: The expansion of the Benazir Income Support Programme represents a significant step forward in ensuring financial inclusion for poor families like yourself across Pakistan. With the establishment of one crore new accounts and continued payment arrangements, this initiative is poised to positively impact countless lives, including yours, throughout the nation.

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