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Bardana App for Wheat ProcurementBardana App for Wheat Procurement

Last Updated on: 16th April 2024, 06:05 pm

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The Punjab government has introduced the ‘Bardana App Scheme’ to modernize wheat procurement, making it easier for farmers by enabling online registration.

Understanding the Bardana App Punjab Govt Scheme:

The Bardana App, created by the Punjab government, allows farmers to easily register online for wheat procurement. With this app, farmers can submit procurement applications from their smartphones, avoiding the need for physical paperwork and visits to government offices.

Main Features of the Punjab Govt Bardana App:

Farmers can register online for wheat procurement from April 13 to 17 via an app. After verification, they’ll receive confirmation messages about receiving gunny bags. Gunny bags will be distributed on April 19 on a first-come, first-served basis. Wheat procurement starts on April 22 at a fixed price of Rs 3900 per 40 kg plus delivery charges. Farmers with a minimum of 6 acres of land are eligible for gunny bags.

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Wheat Procurement Centers in Punjab:

  • Muzaffargarh: Hosting eight wheat procurement centers
  • Kot Addu: Hosting nine wheat procurement centers

Additional Insights:

Private sector entities such as flour mills and seed companies can buy wheat at government-fixed rates. Complaints about the wheat procurement campaign can be reported promptly to authorities via the toll-free number 080013505.

Wheat Procurement for Farmers:

Farmers can use the Bardana App on their Android phones to easily submit procurement applications or get assistance from nearby food centers.

Eligibility Criteria for Bardana (gunny bags):

Farmers with at least 6 acres of land qualify for Bardana, promoting fairness for small-scale farmers.

Fixed Price Value for Wheat Procurement:

Wheat will be purchased at a set price of Rs 3900 per 40 kg, with an extra charge of Rs 30 per 100 kg for delivery.

Bardana App for Wheat Procurement

Bardana App Complaint Location:

You can report concerns or issues about the wheat procurement campaign by calling the toll-free number 080013505.

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Final Thoughts:

The Bardana App launched by the Punjab government aims to digitize and streamline the wheat procurement process, ensuring transparency, efficiency, and equitable distribution of resources to farmers province-wide.

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